Rampinelli Edizioni

Rampinelli Edizioni

Rampinelli S.p.A. has been working since 1913 in the Industrial sector with Clients from all over the world, with one constant guiding mission, achieve excellence in production and realize top quality products.

Complex constructions and machining on heavy thick steel plates give life to impressive functional architectures with centesimal precision, used in the civil, automotive, steel, renewable energy and space sectors.

The passion for new challenges and new ventures led to the collaboration with Sovrappensiero Design Studio. From this partnership, Rampinelli Edizioni was born: a new furniture brand that combines Rampinelli technical and production know-how with the contemporary design of Sovrappensiero.

The first collection, consisting of a table, a bench and a hanger, presents a selection of the manufacturing processes, such as the CNC plasma cutting, CNC milling and manual TIG welding.

"We have embarked on a journey with the company and launched this project to share with a wider public this Italian excellence and the quality of their work. The company's know-how has allowed us to approach the project as if we were working on a tailor-made suit: the choice of steel plates and profiles of different sections and thicknesses like the choice of fabric; the plasma cutting of the parts according to the project, such as the cutting of the pieces of fabric that follow the patterns; fitting: the parts are joined manually with small welding points and with the aid of temporary components that will first be welded to the rest of the product to give structure and then removed, just like the fitting of a bespoke suit; finally, expert welding with an infusible tungsten electrode, like the seams of a seamstress hidden in the right places," stated Lorenzo de Rosa.


Sovrappensiero Design Studio

Sovrappensiero Design Studio was founded in 2007 by Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, designers from south of Italy, now based in Milan. Recognized among the most interesting emerging designers in the Italian scene, over the years they have proved that they know how to approach the project from different points of view: experimental research but also industrial production, the limited edition next with the art design world but also the small functional intuition, set-up design and interior design. The solicitations of the street culture marry the stimuli of art and contemporary design and so the synthesis of Sovrappensiero begins to be recognizable, respected and required: today they collaborate with different companies of Italian design such as Porada, Bialetti, Mamoli, Vibram, NAVA, Corraini, WayPoint and Manerba, as well as with the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Bologna and NABA.



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The first collection -consisting of a table, a bench and a hanger- is based on the composition of geometric solids: the archetypal forms generated to bring the rough aesthetics of mechanical engineering into the intimacy of the domestic environment.

Finally, the type of painting is inspired by the colours of the industrial machinery also present in the company.