LUTMAN Design Studio

LUTMAN Design Studio

Nowadays, as technology advances very rapidly, and industry rushes to produce accessories that are stamped and made for mass consumption, we look toward tradition, smart design and particular materials, that are distinguished by specific characteristics or their natural essence and combined them with cutting edge technology. From these ingredients selected products that have to be individually processed, refined and cared for by man are produced. LUTMAN Design studio was founded in 2005 by Boris Lutman, and since then has developed a variety of graphic and industrial products. In 2014 it developed SWICH, an elegant wireless charger that immediately gained great success on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. SWICH represents advanced technology that was developed at the end of the 19th century by Nikola Tesla, who spent his youth also in Slovenia, in a more refined and romantic form. LUTMAN Design Studio transforms technology into high-end design accessories, with particular attention being given to materials and functionality. With a child's curiosity and accumulated experience, the studio continues to develop new products that impress for their usefulness and elegance.


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“La passione tinge dei propri colori tutto ciò che tocca”

Baltasar Graciàn

Qi Wireless charging is an inductive power charging standard that is quickly finding its way into many modern lowpower operated devices. This technology needs a transmission pad and a device that supports Qi charging for acting as the receiving terminal. While most of the readily available Qi charging transmission pads are hideous and not useable as compared to wired charging devices, Lutman design on the contrary are proving that Qi charging could too be elegant and effective. SWICH is a new range of wireless chargers designed by Slovenia’s Lutman design that have done away with the bland designing and disadvantages while accessing the devices being charged wirelessly. After having successfully raised their monetary goals on Kickstarter back in July 2014, SWICH Wireless chargers have now opened sales to the general audience. SWICH is basically a modern design beauty that makes use of microsuction platform and places the device at a useable viewing-angle whose orientation could be changed easily. Who said Qi charging devices always have to be boring and lacklustre? SWICH takes designing of wireless charging to the next level by making use of elegant Italian ceramic, Walnut and a two layer Microsuction tape that would hold on to any type of mobile device. The orientation of this wireless charger is its best takeaway apart from its distinguished and bold design. SWICH places your mobile phone at an elevated 45° angle which makes it perfect for accessing your device even while it gets charged. Apart from the viewing angle that this wireless charger provides, it also allows your mobile phone to easily swap between a horizontal and a vertical orientation by tilting the top layer accordingly. The sustainable ceramic material helps in firmly holding the device while being wirelessly charged and the 180° shifting upper pad provides better functionality and usability to the device even while it gets charged. The elegant silhouette combination of ceramic and walnut wood easily makes the device blend into every workspace yet be far away from being hideous. This userfriendly wireless charger allows devices builtin with Qi charging capability or even the otherwise to charge wirelessly with some extensions. For devices without Qi charging support, special wirelessly charging cases for iPhones are available which work pretty well with SWICH. Those who are based on Android and lack Qi charging could make use of an external Qi Wireless receiving patch that connects with the MicroUSB slot of your mobile device and placed over the charging panel. Once connected, your mobile phone will acknowledge you of the wireless power transmission and you could resume work as usual! Although there might be plenty of readily available wireless chargers on the market, none of them get the job as effectively and fashionably done as SWICH. Where wireless chargers are just looked upon as a way of charging devices, SWICH brings the much needed taste of design and elegance which has to complement the way technology is evolving.